Chocolate O’s Hot Chocolate

Chocolate O’s Hot Chocolate

Tags: Desserts

Hot chocolate and cookies? A delicious winter warmer made with our Chocolate O’s!


3 Chocolate O's
1 bag/sachet hot chocolate powder
to serve whipping cream
300 ml milk
1 tbsp Sweet Freedom Choc Shot


  • Place hot chocolate sachet in cup and mix with a splash of cold milk to create a paste.
  • If you are using the choc shot for an extra depth of flavour, stir in 1tbsp here.
  • Place 2 Schar Chocolate O’s into the cup and mix/bash until slightly crumbled.
  • Heat milk in the microwave for around 3 minutes or until hot, stirring occasionally so it doesn’t bubble over.
  • Pour milk over the hot chocolate paste slowly, stirring gently to create a smooth hot chocolate.
  • Serve with squirty cream and a Chocolate O.
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