Southwest Torta

Southwest Torta


Do you love Tex-Mex food? What better than a Tex-Mex grilled cheese sandwich? In fact, Mexican cuisine has a sandwich called a “torta” that we’re going to riff on here.


2 pieces of Artisan Baker White Bread
a little bit of cheese
2 slices steak
handful (heated up) refried beans
a little bit of guacamole
a little bit of butter


  • Butter both sides of one slice, and just one side of the other.
  • Toast one side of the twice-buttered slice in a medium heat pan, then flip over and top with the cheese, meat, and guacamole.
  • While that’s heating up and melting, spread hot refried beans on the non-buttered side of the other slice of bread and close the sandwich.
  • Flip it over, toast the other side, and you’re ready to chow down! 
  • Allergene_Egg