Schär-Cuterie Board


This recipe shows how easy it is to entertain a gluten gree crowd thanks to Schär. You can layer on as much and as many different things as you might  like. We love our Entertainment Crackers, Crispbreads, Breadsticks and Baguettes for the perfect vessels to get all the deliciousness a “Schär-cutterie”  board has to offer. A party is about FUN and so is this board, so have fun with it and get as creative with it as you’d like. We’ve used an array of olives, peppers, salamis, meats, cheeses, dried fruits and grapes. Have a look at how easy it is to put so much yumminess together for your next party.


1-2 packages Table Crackers
1-2 packages Entertainment Crackers
1-2 packages Baguette
1/2 salami
1/2 cheese
1 handful fruits
1 handful olives
1 handful bell peppers


  • Start assembling the Schär cuterie board with all the assortment of goodies layered on as much and as many as you’d like.