Cranberry and apricot stuffing

Cranberry and apricot stuffing


Gluten free stuffing the whole family will enjoy. This is an ideal accompaniment to the Christmas lunch or the Sunday roast.


115 g Wholesome Seeded Loaf
12½ g butter
1 chopped onion
1 stick celery
2x15 tbsp parsley, chopped
25 g apricot
50 ml orange juice
2x15 tbsp cranberry sauce
25 g walnuts, chopped
25 g pine kernels


  • Crumble or place in a food processor the Wholesome Seeded Loaf, the crust can also be used, until it resembles breadcrumbs.
  • Place crumbles in a bowl.
  • Melt the butter and fry the small onion and celery until soft and very lightly browned. Add to the breadcrumbs.
  • Mix in the parsley, apricots and nuts (if using) and seasoning. Pour in the fresh orange juice and stir in the gluten free cranberry sauce.
  • Bind the mixture together and use either for stuffing the neck of a chicken or turkey or make into 6 – 8 stuffing balls and cook Gas Mark 5/ 190°C for 20 minutes, or place mixture in an ovenproof dish and cook at the same temperature for 35-40 minutes.
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