Strawberry cake

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This heavenly gateau with loads of sweet strawberries is a successful recipe provided by one of our readers. Give your family a special treat with it!


80 g
60 g
1 package
vanilla sugar
1 tsp
baking powder
600 g
a little bit of
lemon juice
400 ml
whipping cream
140 g
icing sugar
18 g
powder gelatin
For the topping:
250 g
1/2 glass
blackberry jelly
1 package
powder gelatin


Preparing the sponge base: 

  • First pre-heat the oven to 220 °C/400 °F/gas mark 7.
  • Crack the eggs.
  • Whisk the yolks together with the sugar into a foam.
  • In between, fold in the egg white which has been beaten until stiff, together with the Mix C baking powder.
  • Lay out a baking tray with buttered greaseproof paper.
  • Apply the dough in a thin layer.
  • Bake for 10 minutes.
  • Remove the sponge from the baking tray and place it on baking paper.     

Preparation of the strawberry creme: 

  • Wash and remove the stalks.
  • Place them into a mixer, together with lemon juice.
  • Remove five 5 tablespoons of the resulting mixture and let the powdered gelatine rise.
  • Melt briefly in a microwave oven, mix carefully with the sauce and set aside.
  • Whip the cream and mix with the sauce.

Assembly of the gateau:

  • Cut the sponge to fit your cake tin (preferably one with a removable base and fairly high edge).
  • Lay the sponge into the cake tin and soak with cherry schnapps or strawberry liqueur.
  • Apply half of the creme, 125g (4.4 oz.) of washed strawberries with their stalks removed.
  • Cut into segments for decoration and add a further layer of creme.
  • Put into a freezing compartment for 1 -2 hours.
  • Towards the end of this period, let 2 packs of powdered gelatine swell up with two tablespoons water and carefully melt into the blackberry jelly.
  • Add the remaining halved strawberries in this lukewarm jelly.
  • Pour the jelly onto the gateau, add the strawberries carefully and put into the freezing compartment until the following day.
  • Two hours prior to serving, remove from the freezing compartment, extract carefully from the tin and place onto a serving plate.

At a glance

Preparation time
55 min
Cooking / Baking time
12 min - 15 min
Cooling / Resting time
2 h - 8 h
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