Gluten free short crust pastry - for your cakes and biscuits!

Gluten free short crust pastry - for your cakes and biscuits!

Great results in just a few steps.

Useful advice to become real experts

  • Do not use fresh ingredients (butter, milk, eggs, etc.) straight from the fridge, but let them rest for a while at room temperature. The only exception is gluten free shortcrust pastry which is only prepared with fresh ingredients.
  • If the surface becomes too dark during cooking, cover the pastry with oven paper.
  • To check if the pastry is ready, pierce the centre with a toothpick. It should come out dry.
  • Storage: gluten free shortcrust biscuits remain fresh for longer if stored in a biscuit tin. Cakes and other pastries should be stored in special cake containers.


How to get a great result

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  • It's very important to mix the pastry well so that lumps don't form.
  • You should also pre-heat the oven to the desired temperature before cooking.
  • The oven should never be opened until at least 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time.
  • The ingredients should be carefully weighed.
  • The recipes for pastries made with gluten free flour must be adapted compared to those using standard flour.

How to use the oven

  • Fan-assisted ovens are suitable for cooking biscuits (even on a number of levels), but less suitable for gluten free bread. Gluten free shortcrust pastry contains natural yeast and dries out quickly.
  • The oven must be pre-heated.
  • Turn the oven on in advance so that it reaches the desired temperature and do not open it during the first 15-20 minutes of cooking.

Try experimenting with our recipes by following the instructions and even if you don't become an expert pastry maker, your home will always be full of friends...

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