Mother's Day Cake

Mother's Day Cake

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It wouldn’t be Mother's Day without a cake! Beautifully iced with "I love you", and with its soft filling, this cake will melt every mother's heart. Guaranteed!


For the biscuit:
120 g
eggs, separated
100 g
icing sugar
1 package
vanilla sugar
3/4 package
baking powder
For the filling:
100 g (mashed)
200 g (small pieces)
250 g (cut in slices)
200 g
double cream cheese
150 g
unsweetened yoghurt
200 g
60 g
2 packages
vanilla sugar
leaves of gelatine
1 package (red)
For the decoration:
200 g
1 package
vanilla sugar
a little bit of (whiter or red)
a little bit of
sugar hearts


  • Roll out a white-coloured marzipan or fondant disk.
  • Using a pastry cutter, cut a rectangle that will be placed on the cake, with the edges hanging over the cake sides. 
  • Roll out some strips with the red-coloured marzipan or fondant and use these to shape letters then place them on the white square.  

For the sponge:

  • Beat the egg whites with half of the icing sugar until stiff.
  • Beat the yolks, the remaining icing sugar and the vanilla sugar altogether until you have a creamy mix. 
  • Add the flour with the chemical yeast to the mix and then add the stiff egg whites. 
  • Mix gently with a whisk, then pour the mix into a spring-form tin lined with oven paper. 
  • Cook in an oven pre-heated to 180° for 35-40 minutes. 
  • Remove from the tin. Remove the oven paper and leave to cool.

For the filling:

  • Soften the gelatin in cold water. 
  • Mix the fresh cream cheese, yoghurt, sugar, vanilla sugar and strawberry purée. 
  • Squeeze out the gelatin well and melt it in 3 dessert spoons of warm water. 
  • Mix the gelatin thoroughly with 2 dessert spoons of cream cheese.
  • Then add to the rest of the cheese mix along with the sliced strawberries. 
  • Leave in the fridge for a while to firm.
  • Whip 200 gr of cream until thick and add to the mix.

To construct the cake:

  • Divide the base of the cake horizontally. 
  • Place one of the two sponge disks on a tray and secure with a cake ring. 
  • Distribute the fresh cream cheese and strawberry mix on the sponge.
  • Cover with the second sponge disk. 
  • Cover the cake evenly with sliced strawberries. 
  • Prepare the icing by following the instructions on the packet and then pour it over the strawberries.
  • Place the cake in the fridge for 3 hours until it is firm. 
  • Beat the remaining cream with a packet of vanilla sugar and whipped cream stabilizer. 
  • Remove the ring and cover the sides with the whipped cream. 
  • Decorate the cake edges with swirls of cream.
  • Position the marzipan letters on top and decorate with little sugar hearts. 

At a glance

Preparation time
1 h
Cooking / Baking time
35 min - 40 min
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