Mehrkornbrötchen / Pane con semi - frozen

Mehrkornbrötchen / Pane con semi - frozen

Produkt World: Bakery

A frozen fairy-tale

Once upon a time, a bread roll fell in love with a hand full of seeds. It asked the baker for said hand, who united them with much love and made them the main characters of a grainy fairy-tale called "The multi seed roll".

Their love gave rise to little seeded rolls with plenty of linseeds and sunflower seeds and the sourdough made sure that the union of rolls and seeds be an everlasting one. A crunchy fairy-tale, perfect for heating in the oven! No wonder that no one ever gets enough of these multi seed rolls... And yes, they all lived happily ever after – in the freezer!

* The packaging and the product name may vary from country to country.

Tags: Bread rolls

    Characteristics of product

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water , maize starch , sourdough 14% (rice flour, water) , rice flour , sunflower seeds 9% , linseed 7% , buckwheat flour 6% , vegetable fibres (psyllium, apple) , rice starch , yeast , apple extract , sugar syrup , thickener: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose , soy protein , sunflower oil , salt , caramelized sugar , acidity regulator: tartaric acid . May contain traces of lupine . LACTOSE FREE (lactose <0.007g/100g) .

Analysis per 100 g

Energy Value
1241 / 296 kj/kcal
11 g
Of Which Saturates
1.3 g
38 g
Of Which Sugars
2.3 g
8 g
7.3 g
0.75 g
Weight: 250 g
Weight per Piece: 50.0 g