Chicken goujons

Chicken goujons


These tasty strips of crumb coated chicken are great accompanied with a green or rice salad.


1 packet White Ciabatta Rolls
1 egg
300 g chicken breasts
1 pinch/es of black pepper
1 pinch/es of sea salt
a little bit of vegetable oil


  • Place egg in a shallow dish and the dried crumbs on a plate.
  • Season the chicken pieces. Dip into the egg, ensure they are well coated and place in the breadcrumbs, turn several times and press the crumbs down on each piece.
  • Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan until hot, fry the chicken goujons in batches for 5-6 minutes, turning once.
  • Drain on kitchen paper and serve immediately with a green or rice salad, dips or wedges.

Dried Breadcrumbs:

Dried breadcrumbs are really easy to make and are extremely versatile – enabling you to make a variety of breaded dishes that are truly excellent.

  • Use Schär gluten and wheat free White Ciabatta Rolls to make 125g of breadcrumbs
  • Place rolls in food processor to crumb.
  • Place crumbs on a baking sheet in the oven until the crumbs are dry and crisp (taking care not to burn). The crumbs can be stored in a jay or polythene bag for up to one week in the refrigerator.


A serving of this recipe is suitable for a low FODMAP diet. The Schär product* used in this recipe is certified as low in FODMAPs under the Monash University Certification Programme.

*Monash University Low FODMAP Certified trademarks used under licence in the United Kingdom by Dr Schär. One serve of this product can assist with following the Monash University Low FODMAP diet™. A strict low FODMAP diet should not be commenced without supervision from a healthcare professional.

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