Snackers with grilled courgettes

Snackers with grilled courgettes


A summer dish with grilled courgettes and fresh cream cheese on lightly salted Snackers.  A healthy and tasty option for young and old alike.  As a starter or a snack to stave off hunger, this classic combination has all the flavour of summer. 


1 package Snackers
2 courgettes
a little bit of olive oil
250 g young cheese
a little bit of salt
a little bit of pepper


  • Slice the courgettes. 
  • Cook in a pan with a little oil, and then add salt and pepper.
  • Spread the cream cheese on the Snackers and then cover with the grilled courgettes. 

Our Suggestion: the fresh cream cheese can be flavoured with aromatic herbs, mustard and paprika.