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About me – Vittoria

I found out to be coeliac 6 years ago, but this hasn’t changed my love for travel and discover the world.

Vittoria: 26 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

I am Vittoria, an Italian 26-years-old girl, and my passions are all about food and travel.

I found out to be coeliac 6 years ago, during my first year of Engineering College at University of Bologna. At first, I felt so worried and concerned about the changes of my life after the diagnosis: I have always loved to travel and discover new places, as I consider myself as a pure wanderlust-addicted (I had my first overseas flight at 10 months old!) and adventure catcher.

The coeliac disease however, imposing a strict gluten free diet, could have been a difficult challenge for adventures out of my own “comfort zone”, literally in the sense of the locals around town where to have safe gluten free options. In my case, at first it was hard to accept such dietary condition, and I must tell the truth as I had fear of eating out for the first months after the diagnosis. Then, I managed to find some safe gluten free spots few minutes away from my house, which I had no idea of their existence before I knew I was coeliac!

With the months passing by, I started to realize that my condition should not affect my everyday life and habits, nor even prevent me from living all the adventures I have always desired to have!

That is why I decided to collect all the pieces of information and tips I found in my years of coeliac traveling the world (from North America to Europe, till some parts of Asia) in my Blog: No Toast For Breakfast, a gluten free guide to eat out in Italy and around the globe, as a source of inspiration for all the coeliacs who might be afraid of not finding some safe options in their travel destinations.

I will also share my gluten free suggestions in website, with a monthly series called “Follow me around”, where I am going to take you to some of my favorite places around the world and find out with me the gluten free options available there. Are you ready to follow me in my next journey? Go check it out!