Paniermehl - Breadcrumbs

Paniermehl - Breadcrumbs

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Pure kitchen gold

When the breadcrumb coating is so crisp and tasty, the coated contents don’t matter anymore. Well, no, not really. Of course it matters, too.

But when a dish is supposed to be more than just food – when it is meant to be a feast for the eyes as well – what could possibly work better than a golden coating? And what could possibly taste better than Schär’s double fine gluten-free breadcrums Pan Gratí? A very precious ingredient in everybody’s kitchen! Pure kitchen gold, really. Perfect for putting real treasures on the table.


Tags: Flour

    Characteristics of product

  • Allergene_Milk


rice flour , corn starch , soy flour , palm fat , eggs , glucose syrup , thickener: guar gum ; yeast , salt . May contain traces of lupine . LACTOSE FREE (lactose <0.007g/100g) .

Analysis per 100 g

Energy Value
1785 / 425 kj/kcal
14 g
Of Which Saturates
5.8 g
trans fat
0 g
63 g
Of Which Sugars
3.4 g
6.8 g
8.3 g
1.1 g
Weight: 300 g