Fette Croccanti

Fette Croccanti

Produkt World: Bakery

An easy prey for those with gut feeling

Sometimes it takes a real crunch and suddenly your light diet is all fun and your tummy hums with comfort.

The airy, crispy slices are gentle on the stomach, low in fat and especially well tolerated. Enjoy them as a light snack or as an extralight base for sweet or savoury toppings - always follow the right gut feeling with Schär's vegan Crispbread!

Tags: Crisp breads

    Characteristics of product

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rice flour , maize flour , sugar , salt . May contain traces of soya . MAY CONTAIN SOYBEAN DERIVATIVES. GLUTEN FREE. LACTOSE FREE (lactose <0.007g/100g) .

Analysis per 100 g

Energy Value
1611 / 380 kj/kcal
1.7 g
Of Which Saturates
0.3 g
trans fat
0 g
84 g
Of Which Sugars
6 g
2.3 g
6 g
1.4 g
Weight: 150 g
Weight per Piece: 7.0 g