Follow me around Paris

Follow me around – Paris

Let’s go exploring the romantic Paris for a day, walking through the beauties of the city and having the best gluten free meals.

Vittoria: 26 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Paris is the world’s first choice for romantic couples to celebrate their anniversaries, but it is also a wonderful city to discovery over a weekend.

Eiffel Tower – Paris

Although I have visited the city many times, this trip was very special. Thanks to a local friend of mine, I had the precious possibility to discover many hidden beauties. My suggestion? Just wear some comfortable shoes and start walking and wandering around the Parisian neighborhood with me!

First things first: let’s have breakfast somewhere special. My favorite discovery for breakfast or Sunday brunch has been “Echo”. A lovely place in a cozy neighborhood, where to have some great gluten free pancakes or just a slice of gluten free banana bread (which is vegan too!).

Echo– Paris

We’re now having the right amount of energy to start our walking tour: it’s super easy to get to the “Passages”, some beautiful covered walkaways surrounded by local shops and nice restaurants. One of them is “NOGLU”, one of the first ever gluten free places in Paris. The take-away part offers some great gluten free bread, such as the 100%-Parisienne Baguette! Or else if you’re feeling hungry, there’s the Californian-style restaurant ready to serve some tasty gluten free burgers for a quick lunch.

NOGLU – Paris

Now it’s time for some culture! In Paris, there’s surely lot of choices, from the great “Louvre museum, to the architectural masterpiece of “Notre-Damechurch, or the modern and colorful “Centre Pompidou”: there’s so much to visit that one week would not be enough for all!

Notre Dame – Paris

In case you want some gluten free snack, there’s “Yummy & Guiltfree” just waiting for you right behind the “Ile de la cite”: many sweet and savory flavors to complete your gluten and lactose-free waffles.

Yummy & Guiltfree – Paris

It is time to go back home after this cultural (and food!) walk tour around the streets of Paris: au revoir!