Follow me around Dublin

Follow me around – Dublin

Come with me to Dublin and its green surroundings. We will together discover the best gluten free spots in town.

Vittoria: 26 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Over the many trips around Europe, I have never visited Ireland. I have always wanted to get some free time to catch a plane and take a small trip around its famous green fields. I finally got the perfect occasion to visit Dublin for a long weekend, and I am going to share with you my favorite gluten free findings in the city.

Did you know that Ireland is actually one of the best holiday destinations for people with gluten intolerances? Fun fact: it is the population with the highest percentage of persons affected (compared to the overall inhabitants). Do you know what that means? That no matter where you’re going to stay or eat, you will always find someone who knows exactly what celiac disease is and will serve you some great gluten free food! Well, with such a positive attitude I was even more excited to visit this country.

I have spent most of my time in Dublin, the capitol city, which however looks more like a big town rather than the major city of the country. The city center is so cozy and small that you can just simply walk around and already get most of the city highlights. Trinity College Campus, with its amazing library, as well as the famous Temple Bar and Dublin Castle, separated by a short walk.

Temple Bar – Dublin

The best way to start discovering a city is after having a good gluten free breakfast! Well, at “Cornucopia” you get all you ever asked for: from a piece of cake to a salty plate in order to begin your morning as its best.

Cornucopia – Dublin

What about lunch? There are plenty of options in the city you can choose from: if you are looking for a fancy place where to have a light and healthy brunch, then “Meet me in the morning” is the best place for you. Otherwise, if you are looking for a great gluten free club sandwich, head to “Farmer Browns” and wait to be served with the most amazing sandwich you might think of!

Cornucopia – Dublin

I am sure there might also be some traditional food you would like to try as well during your stay. First of all, fish and chips – it is a MUST of the Irish cuisine. The local chain “Beshoff Bros” has an entire gluten free menu available in all their locations around Dublin!

Beshoff Bros – Dublin

Another fish-based typical food is the seafood chowder, served with toasted bread. The best gluten free version I had, was right on the pier in Howth: “The Brass Monkey” – 20 minutes far from the capitol city and directly by the sea. Highly recommended!

The Brass Monkey – Howth – Dublin

If I have not convinced you enough to book a flight ticket and explore the beauty of Ireland, let me tell you: the list of gluten free places is even longer!!