Gluten Free - From Farm to Fork

Gluten Free - From Farm to Fork

For us here at Schär, safety and quality are paramount.  That’s why, as a dedicated manufacturer of gluten free foods, we work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards.

Farming…the gluten free way

We start with the ingredients.  Over the years, we have built relationships with farmers who supply us with the grains we need to make our gluten free foods.  These farmers have been carefully selected because they understand our commitment to quality and have proven their dedication to producing the best ingredients for Schär. 

We have a cultivation plan with each of our farmers, which specifies the seeds they use along with how many grains they must produce for us, but most importantly, how many fields away any gluten containing grains must be, to ensure no cross contamination.  The farmers are supported by Schär experts, who visit the fields to check the health of the plants, along with taking samples away to analyse.

When the fields are harvested, further checks are carried out.  The harvesting vehicles must submit documentation to show that their equipment has been thoroughly cleaned to ensure no cross contamination.

Finally, before the ingredients are used in the factory, they are tested once again.  

We are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to produce the highest quality gluten free foods.