Dublin – A Gluten Free Heaven

I do not just love travelling – travelling is my passion. Exploring different cultures, traditions and places is a privilege and that is why I appreciate every opportunity to travel so much. Many of my travelling’s take me to different parts of Europe and the world. However, one place I always find myself returning to every single year is Dublin – Ireland’s capital city.

Apart from the fact that people in Dublin are the friendliest ones I have encountered, the life, food, culture and atmosphere makes every single stay worthwhile. Travelling to Dublin does not mean packing up your suitcase with gluten free snacks as a surviving precaution, because Dublin, for me, is a GLUTEN FREE HEAVEN.

Gluten Free Dublin – Martha

Bars, Pubs & Co.!

If you love having a beer or two whilst enjoying live gigs, then Dublin’s famous Temple Bar area is the place to be. Pubs not only offer various gluten free ciders but a wide variety of gluten free beers too! And when it is either time for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or a late after drinking snack, do not worry – something gluten free is always up for grabs!

Burger Lovers there?

Let’s start with my favorite burger place in the world – Bunsen Burger. You will usually get to wait in line to find a table and eat this simple yet famous burger. The menu is so small that it is provided on a pocket size card with the following options:

  • Burger
  • Double Burger
  • Cheeseburger
  • Double Cheeseburger

along with

  • String Fries
  • Hand Cut Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries

– that’s it! Ordering is so easy and the gluten free bun offered is simply delicious! Make sure to list this as your top culinary visit on your next stay in Dublin.

Gluten Free Burger – Bunsen Burger – Malta

Fish & Chips for President!

Another food chain, and one of the oldest in Dublin, is Beshoff Bros. Ireland’s fish and chips is very popular and this is the best place to have it. It offers most of the options in a gluten free version and not only fish – they also serve other seafood such as calamari and shrimps as well as onion rings, chicken pieces and many, many more! If you are into this type of food than this is the place to be.

Gluten Free Fish and Chips – Beshoff Bros – Malta

Where to get Traditional Irish Food

Since we are talking about traditional food – why not heading to an Irish dinner at one of the restaurants above the pubs? Yep, Quays Irish Restaurant offers a whole gluten free menu! I personally love their meat and potato stew and their finger-licking mussels! This is where you want to go.

Typical Gluten Free Irish Dinner – Quays Irish Restaurant – Dublin

The Top 3 Dublin Day Trips

Let’s not forget about the beautiful aspects of this city. The bridges from one side of the city to the other are great for walks, especially during sunrise and sunset. Moreover, you may also opt for a day trip to many of Dublin’s outskirts such as Wicklow, Cork, Giant’s Causeway and many more!

Day Trip – Gluten Free Dublin

One more thing: do not leave Dublin without trying out their fresh oysters – believe me, they are amazing! A hint of spice and voilà! I tried mine the most traditional way, at the very best The Temple Bar in Temple Bar Street.

Gluten Free Oysters – The Temple Bar – Dublin