Recipes & culinary ideas

Recipes & culinary ideas

Be inspired by Schär!

Schär maintains a highly up-to-date database of on-line recipes. We have collected, made and tested loads of gluten-free recipes that are completely foolproof, just for you. With more than 300 gluten free recipes, your taste buds can always be  tempted by gluten-free ideas. Lots of advice, useful shopping lists, nutritional tests and many other culinary services  help your creativity take off.

Learn how to be a star in the kitchen

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Have you ever tried your hand  at making pizza dough or gluten-free lasagne? Have you ever seen a real Neapolitan pizza maker at work as he spins a pizza ball around his fingers? The videos on our Youtube channel will make you even more keen to experiment and be creative: the fun video recipes by hobby cooks will teach you how to  manage the kitchen like the celebrity chefs!

Be inspired by Schär Recipes and the Schär Video Channel. All you have to do is look for a recipe, follow the instructions and enjoy the result.