Preventing gluten cross-contamination

Preventing gluten cross-contamination

Gluten cross-contamination happens when gluten free food comes in contact with food containing gluten and/or cooking utensils that have been used to process it.

Short of growing your own food, preparing all your meals at home, and never eating out, there’s no guarantee that your food is free of cross-contamination. The restaurant business is notorious for lack of education and preparation to prevent gluten cross-contamination.

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In order to minimize cross-contamination start at home. If your household is not completely gluten free, make sure you have a dedicated area where you only prepare gluten free meals. All your cooking and serving tools and equipment should be used to prep gluten free food only. You should follow the same precautions when storing food. Having storage that’s exclusively dedicated to gluten free food would be optimal. If your storage space doesn’t allow for it, pick a top shelf that you utilize solely for your gluten free foods. Make sure to either wrap or store all gluten free food in clean containers dedicated exclusively to this purpose. Finally, follow the same precautions when cleaning and washing after a meal—keep separate cleaning tools for all your “gluten free” ware.

Once your household is gluten safe, you can concentrate your efforts on selecting foods that are most likely to be free of cross-contamination. Any food that is naturally gluten free, e.g. raw produce/meat/seafood/eggs, should be bagged separately at the store and thoroughly washed at home. Processed food should not only be gluten free certified but preferably also manufactured in a facility that only processes gluten free food, such as Schär plant in South Jersey. We test for gluten every ingredient before it’s allowed into our facilities and every batch of finished product.

For more on Schär’s efforts to prevent gluten cross-contamination, please read on.

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