My mehrkornbrotchen weren't okay

Profielfoto van natjavugts
zondag, 3. May 2020 - 14:04
This morning i bought a new package of 4 mehrkornbrötchen at the groceriestore. I put them in my oven at 200 degrees celius for 6 minutes like i do everey weekend. Thi time when the 6 minutes had passed the 2 brotchen were smelling like they were on fire and smoking like hell. Nothing wrong to be seen on the outside but when i cut them in half they were burnt completely black on the inside and hard as a rock. How do you solve this? they weren't eatable and I find them too expensive to just thro them away.
my 11 year old was very disappointed not being able to eat this lunch.
Yours sincerely, Natja Vugts