Classic white bread (sliced)

Profielfoto van Amber B
Amber B
maandag, 8. April 2019 - 09:39

My name is Amber, I'm 18 years old, I live in Belgium and I suffer from IBS.
I generally avoid fodmaps (and gluten) and eat plant-based.
I've been enjoying your gluten free crackers and breads for months.
Recently I discovered that the last ingredient in my beloved classic white sliced bread is honey.
On the bread there is a sticker, with the 'Monash University Low Fodmap'-label. I'm very sensitive to fructose and cannot digest honey, besides I eat a plant-based diet. I'm wondering: why is there honey (a high-fructose ingredient) in this bread? Isn't it possible to make the bread completely low-fodmap and plant-based?

I hope you can explain to me why there is honey in this bread and whether it's possible to leave it out?

Thank you!

Kind regards,