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Dr Tankóné Kiss Gabriella nevű felhasználó profilképe
Által Dr Tankóné Kiss Gabriella
2017. július 26., Szerda - 03:40
Tisztelt Ügyfélszolgálat!
Még soha nem volt lehetőségem kipróbálni az üzletekben kapható termékeket.
Lassan 6 éve vagyok gluténérzékeny.
Kérem küldjenek próba somagot, amennyiben elnyeri tetszésemet, az Önök vásárlója ledzek.
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1 év 1 hónap ago
English, USA


Thank you for your message and the email.

The samples of Muffin Choco and Snackers were sent to consumers who were in our database with the full name and address and who had given the permission to receive promotional material.

Thanks to your subscription to our Schär Club you will be taken into consideration in future, when we decide to send samples.

Our Welcome package is dedicated to people who have recently been diagnosed with the coeliac condition and have sent us a special postcard they received from their nutritionist or doctor who diagnosed the disease or have ordered the samples online by inserting the code written on the card. Please ask your doctor to contact our nutrition service office if s/he does not have it already, so that we can send out informative brochures and Taste it postcards to give to patients.