The Coopers Arms

Restaurante libre de gluten en Woore, Crewe
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The Coopers Arms se ha preparado de forma óptima para las necesidades de las personas celíacas. La seguridad y la calidad son las principales prioridades. En la cocina reina una marcada conciencia por la intolerancia al gluten: el personal presta la máxima atención para utilizar exclusivamente ingredientes sin gluten y no mezclarlos con alimentos con gluten. La carta de platos sin gluten es variada y los clientes con intolerancia al gluten pueden deleitarse con los platos especiales sin reparos. The Coopers Arms está siempre a su disposición para satisfacer sus necesidades de una alimentación sin gluten.

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    The Coopers Arms, Woore, Cheshire.

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      What can I say about this place? On our way to Crewe we took a short cut, well we thought is was, and came to Woore. I noticed the sign outside The Coopers Arms - 'Gluten free meals available'. It was near lunch time so we went in and I was amazed at the variety of the gluten free meals available. I could not believe it. Also they were a third off between 12 and 6pm so a double surprise. We were made to feel most welcome by the waitress, she explained that the chef, although not a coeliac preferred to cook gluten free, so apart from a couple of dishes they were all fine for me, even the desserts. I chose a lasagne, as I hadn't had one for ages. It was excellent and the amount was almost as much as I could eat - but I did finish it but didn't have room for a dessert. Shame! We were only in the Crewe area for a few days but managed to visit the restaurant again a couple of days later and this time I did have a dessert! I only wished we lived nearer. It's a long way to go from Somerset!