Schar products in Well

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By jdnadler
Tuesday, 29. August 2017 - 14:22
My son has multiple food allergies including wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts, beans, peas. He can eat your Classic White bread, Artisan bread and Deli Bread. He will be having a semester abroad in Europe this fall, staying in the town of Well in the Netherlands. Where can these products that he needs be obtained nearby?
Jo Drickman
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1 year 3 months ago
English, USA
Hello Jo!

That is very exciting that he will be in the Netherlands! We do have products there but they are different. Here is a link to all of the products that are in the Netherlands,

We do have a store locator for Europe as well. It is called Gluten Free Roads, On this site you can see any store that carries Schar products. You can also see hotels that have Schar, and restaurants that have gluten free options. This site works for all of Europe and Canada. If he decides he wants to go exploring in Germany, then he can see what stores he can buy Schar products there.

Just so you know as well, in the upper right hand corner is an American Flag in a circle. That shows that you are looking at the American Schar website. If he decides to go around Europe and see other countries, he can take a look and see what products those countries would have by clicking on the flag in the corner and then selecting that country.

I hope that he has fun there and has a chance to try some new Schar products!