Products Kosher?

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By LSCTeach
Wednesday, 13. March 2019 - 19:13
Are your products certified kosher? I don't see a symbol on any of your many products carried at my grocery store.
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1 week ago
English, USA
Hello there! I am very sorry but our products are not Kosher certified. This is something that we would be able to bring up with our Product Development Team though!
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By ReginaGildein
6 days 20 hours ago
English, USA
I have lots of questions about this. I think we have contact directly for the answer of our question. I just heard that the products of kosher are expanding very quickly. Certification to transport of products is a consideration that can increase business versatility and profit because of the growing popularity of Kosher product. I am not aware about your question, sorry.
Thank you,