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By Juan Carlos Israel
Monday, 4. September 2017 - 11:11
I have saved some products in my shopping list but how can a finalize the purchase online? Thanks.
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1 year ago
English, USA
Hello Juan! I am very sorry for the confusion. We do not have a way of purchasing our products on our website.

We do work with some third party online stores where you would be able to purchase our products.

One of them is Ecommerce. You are able to contact them here: or call them direct at 1-815-552-6039. This store is where you can buy all of our Schar products that are sold here in the US. You do not pay any shipping on them but you do have to Order in Full Cases.

The other store is called Gluten Free Mall. This store sells everything in single packages but there is a charge for shipping. You can find their store right here:

Here are some other websites that could possibly help you in your search for products.

We are on Amazon:

I hope you are able to find our products at some of these places!