London Calling

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By KrazyKrizza
Sunday, 8. October 2017 - 21:12
So I recently spent a summer living in the UK, which is where I discovered the Schar brand (which I absolutely love!). While I am excited to see products in the states, I'm a little disappointed in the lack of selection versus what I had while living in London. Are those products strictly international or will there be a way to ship them/carry them in the United States in the future? (particularly in reference to the custard creams and the chicken keiv)
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1 week 3 days ago
Hello there! Schar makes many different products. Here in the US we have over 40 different products. There are also many products that we make that are region specific. The Custard Creams and the Chicken Keiv are two of those items. They are regionalized because tastes are different. This is something that we can look into for the future and see if it would work for us here in the US.