Gluten free pasta

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By Maria Krupa
Friday, 16. December 2016 - 04:59
Is Gluten free pasta Anellini still available to buy?
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By ClubUser#178581
1 year 11 months ago
I purchased a lot on clearance and don't see it listed anywhere on this site so I am guessing they discontinued it. This is/was a great product because toddlers could eat it, I used it in any soup that was a bit too runny and a small amount was great in a cup of low sodium broth on cold nights or when sick. I first learned about it while living in Italy and watching my Italian landlady feed it to her son for lunch. I hope they bring it back!
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By Valentina Egger
1 year 6 months ago

thank you very much for your message and for the interest in our products.
Our Anellini are not available anymore. You can find all of our pasta on the following link: