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By savorglutenfree
Saturday, 12. August 2017 - 12:17
Are the Schar gf croissants only available in Europe? Because when I was in Italy, I was able to try them out but when I returned back to the US, I couldn't find them anywhere.
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1 year 3 months ago
English, USA
Hello there!

We have gluten free Croissants here in the US as well!

Have you tried looking for them using our store locator? You can find that here: Or it is also the little globe with the red bubble coming off of it in the upper right hand corner of the webpage.

All you need to do when you get to that page is enter in your zip code and then you will be able to see all of the stores around you that sell Schar products.

If you want to look for the croissants specifically, then you just need to select them from the product selection area below.

If you are not able to find any place still, then we have some third party online stores where you would be able to purchase them. We do not have the ability to purchase products off of our website but this is where you would be able to do so.

One of them is Ecommerce. You are able to contact them here: or call them direct at 1-815-552-6039. This store is where you can buy all of our Schar products that are sold here in the US. You do not pay any shipping on them but you do have to Order in Full Cases.

The other store is called Gluten Free Mall. This store sells everything in single packages but there is a charge for shipping. You can find their store right here:

We are also on Amazon, Vitacost, and