Can you make your bread with out soy,gluten wheat,dairy, eggs, peanut,shell fish,

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Sunday, 7. May 2017 - 01:36
It's hard to find a safe product for my son do you make foods with out soy,gluten wheat, dairy,eggs, peanuts,shell fish.
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5 months 4 weeks ago

We have our one webpage,, where you can find all of our products and what they contain.

I can forward your wish of excluding these ingredients to our product manager so that they can keep this in mind when planning future products.

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day!
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By Tranquility_Mom
5 months 4 weeks ago
I would also be interested in products excluding the 8 major allergens as well. thank you for considering offering more allergen free products. I love the Shar products!!