Bread quality

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By Linda McNeil
Monday, 14. August 2017 - 16:27
I love love love this bread, except when it has large holes it with undercooked amount. It doesn't happen often, but the last few weeks, we have purchased a lot of extra bread and about half of it has been unusable.
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1 year 1 month ago
English, USA
Hello Linda!

I am very sorry that you have had an issue with the bread recently. Do you mind me asking how many loaves you have bought that have had issues.

If you have some of the packages there is some information that I would just need off of the package please.

On the inside vacuum sealed package, there is going to be the best by date and the batch number. The batch number is going to be a set of four numbers, a letter, and another number. I am just going to need both of those sets of numbers please.

If you also still have any of the breads, if you could just take a couple of pictures of the bread please. That way we have a visual of what we are looking for.

Finally, if you would be able to send me your address. I would love to send you a replacement coupon.

You can email all of this information to

I look forward to hearing from you!