Fusilli with Arrabbiata Sauce

Fusilli with Arrabbiata Sauce

Product World: Bontà d'Italia

Gluten free Fusilli with Arrabbiata Sauce - Frozen

In a matter of minutes you can have a delicious pasta dish straight from Italy. The fusilli pasta is paired with a spicy arrabbiata sauce perfect for your next quick lunch!

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tomatoes , gluten free pasta (corn flour, millet flour, rice flour, sugar cane syrup) , sunflower oil , onions , sugar , salt , corn starch , parsley , extra virgin olive oil , garlic , chili peppers . May Contain: Soy and Milk .

Analysis per 100 g

430 kj/kcal
calories from fat
110 kj/kcal
total Fat
12 g
sat. fat
2 g
trans fat
0 g
0 mg
860 mg
total carbohydrate
72 g
dietary Fiber
6 g
8 g
9 g
Weight: 300 g
Weight per Piece: 300 g