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People with coeliac disease will strike gold at De Tuinen Almere Buiten, where you can find all the gluten-free foods you need. You will find all the everyday and special culinary products you need in De Tuinen Almere Buiten's special gluten-free range. Gluten-free foods are marked with the gluten-free guarantee (an ear of wheat with a cross through it). All other products indicate if they include gluten in the list of ingredients. Shopping at De Tuinen Almere Buiten pays for people with gluten intolerance!

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    Unexpected, but good

    Not a shop were you would expect to find gluten free products when you walk by. But do stop and have a look inside. In the back of the store you'll find a wide range of gluten free products shelved togheter.They have lots of choices in cereal, bread, crackers, cookies and snacks.There are no freezer products here, but they do stock large bags of breadmix and many other baking products.The staff is very friendly.