Summer, sun, party time

Summer, sun, party time

The temperature is on the rise, and everyone is in a backyard BBQ mood: it’s that time of the year!

Naturally, these can also be gluten free. Below you will find a collection of all the best ideas for a successful gluten free parties.


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Generally, as the weather warms up and it becomes hot, people prefer not to eat heavy, fatty dishes. Therefore, be sure that the treats you serve up are light. There are lots of options when it comes to catering, all completely gluten free of course, and easy to prepare!

Appetizers and finger food

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Start off with little appetizers or sandwiches that your guests can eat with their fingers. This even saves on the washing up, as finger food can just be served on a serviette. For example, canapés with smoked salmon and fennel, asparagus bits or leek bocconcini are especially delicious. Desserts can also be served as finger food. These little buffet ideas are especially good if the party is only meant to last two or three hours.


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The menu for a successful BBQ more or less takes care of itself. Sausages should be avoided, as they may contain or be contaminated with gluten, unless they are declared gluten free products.

Be sure to stay away from pre-seasoned and preserved meat products as well. There is a high risk that these may also be contaminated or that the seasoning may contain gluten. This means you should be careful with ready-made marinades, barbecue seasonings and herb mixtures! Of course, remember to NEVER pour beer over the grill, even if it would improve the taste.

Prepare some cold sauces to accompany the meat. You should be particularly careful with mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces containing curry powder, herb sauces, and soy sauces. 

Salads are especially good as a side dish. Here are some serving suggestions: Pasta salad with courgette and peppers or with curried vegetables, fresh salad with peanuts and bacon strips or a salad with an interesting combination of cheese, bacon and apples. Crispy bruschetta or homemade Italian focaccia make for a delicious accompaniment. To finish, who could resist a delicate coffee-flavored mousse or perhaps a lemon parfait? 


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The most important part of a successful summer party is having enough chilled drinks available. Bear in mind that not everyone wants to drink alcohol, so make sure you have enough mineral water, soda, or fruit juices. 


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Last but not least, the right decorations can help set the mood for any party or BBQ. If you have chosen a particular theme, then the decorations should reflect this. Tea lights or torches always work well. Fairy lights in trees and bushes, colorful lanterns with candles and different-colored bulbs provide light when it gets dark and sets the mood for the party. Lemons, oranges and limes on the tables make a lovely summery decoration, as do flowers and petals, combined with ivy leaves. Tea lights in sand-filled glasses are easy to prepare but very effective as well. 

All that remains is for us to wish you good luck and lots of fun at your party!