Enjoy every moment with Schär.

A good day starts with a good breakfast. It then follows with a good range of gluten-free products at any time. Variety is important for us at Schär. We've also included classic regional dishes in our gluten-free range so you can delight your taste buds from breakfast to dinner and never miss out on variety. Loads of tasty products:

  • •   for when you're at home or  out and about
  • •   for those dedicated to healthy eating and those who like a treat
  • •   for perfectionists and gourmet diners
  • •   for athletes and inventive cooks
  • •   for your trips and holidays...

Schär offers the most vast and tempting choices in the world for anyone who follows a gluten free diet. At Schär we have divided our  huge gluten-free and sacrifice-free product range into five areas, so we can be sure to meet your needs. Find out what's on offer below:

  • Bakery: different types of bread
  • Bontà d’Italia: pasta, pizza and ready-made Mediterranean dishes
  • •Snacks: be tempted to nibble on a sweet or savory snack
  • Creative Kitchen: flours and doughs for creative cooking
  • •On the Go: travelling that's made-to-measure to fit your needs including purchase advice