Find out how it's done

Find out how it's done

Small steps with a huge effect

General tips

Before you start the preparation, you should read through the gluten free recipe carefully and put out the stated amounts of all the ingredients. If you do this, everything will be in reach and you can focus all your attention on the recipe. You should also make sure that you have all utensils on hand: bowls, spoons, moulds, mixers and other electric devices. Always use ingredients at room temperature, and sieve all powdery ingredients (flour, dry yeast etc.).

Gluten free cooking & baking

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Gluten free flour has different properties to normal flour and therefore special recipes with different amounts of ingredients are needed.

  • Clean the work surface carefully to avoid contamination.
  • Only use the types of flour and the amounts of ingredients stated in the recipe.
  • More water is needed for gluten free dough than for dough that is prepared in the usual way. Follow the instructions in the gluten free recipe exactly.
  • Gluten free dough sticks to hands and utensils more than normal dough. It is therefore recommended to always line cake tins with baking parchment and to grease or flour the hands while working the dough. When working with shortcrust pastry, it is advisable to roll the dough out between two layers of baking parchment.