Expensive products.

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By newc
Monday, 17. April 2017 - 16:24
My 15 year son has recently been dianosed with slight IBS and high wheat allergy and is now wheat,gluten free. Why is it that all the products are so expensive some double the price of ordinary products and yet it seems gluten free is on the increase for a lot of people.
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By Corinne Customer Services
1 year 7 months ago

We understand your frustrations. Unfortunately free from products tend to be more expensive than the mainstream alternative due to a number of reasons; costs for sourcing alternative ingredients, the testing procedures required to ensure the food can be guaranteed to be gluten and wheat free, also the production runs tend to be a lot smaller. It is actually the supermarkets that set the prices for products. look out on our social media pages for any offers in store – we always shout about these, and members of our Schär club receive introductory coupons and special offers through-out the year.