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About Woodstone

Pizza is back on the menu! Woodstone allows people with coeliac disease to enjoy this popular dish to the fullest - gluten-free. Woodstone has a special oven for gluten-free pizza. This prevents traces of ingredients containing gluten from contaminating the food. The staff is aware of gluten sensitivity and is always available to help. Gluten-free meals are clearly marked. No more missing out on pizza!

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    Gluten Free Pizza

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      Woodstone is very careful with crosscontamination. They make the pizza on a different work station. So that's reassuring.Staff is very friendly. It is a busy place where many people like to hang out for lunch or just drinks. Eat a salad or a pizza. TheGF pizza's here are delicious. If you want to be diet contious, you can order a pizza with a salad in the middle.