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About Scaraboci

At Scaraboci people with gluten intolerance are well catered for and can safely enjoy a gluten-free meal. Scaraboci is familiar with the problem of gluten intolerance and does all it can to prepare gluten-free food risk-free. A great deal of importance is placed on keeping meals free from contamination and using only gluten-free ingredients. The menu at Scaraboci provides a good selection of gluten-free foods. Gluten-free foods are correspondingly identified. The staff is always available for questions. A culinary highlight for carefree enjoyment - even with gluten intolerance!

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      Servizio di lusso,conto altrettanto di lusso!!! ambiente non raffinatissimo, e senza prenotazione arricciano un po' il naso. (Il località turistica non dovrebbero). Per il cibo nulla da dire, tutto buono.