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Allow yourself a break when strolling through town: at Kurkonditorei Oberlaa - Stadthaus, it can be a gluten-free break. The pleasant atmosphere of the establishment is an invitation for anyone with gluten intolerance to make a stop. Gluten-free products are clearly identified. All gluten-free products contain no wheat or other foods containing gluten. Kurkonditorei Oberlaa - Stadthaus stands for quality and good taste!

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    NO for coeliac people

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      Nice personnel, nice place, you have multiple options of cakes and restaurant dishes. in the INNERSTADT.
      NOTE: if you are coeliac you can't eat Gluten free 100% dishes but Gluten free bread (ask for the packed one and specify you need 100% gluten free) It is the only option. They can't serve anything more avoiding crosscontamination and traces in the the product.