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    01/09/2017 - 22:01 , by Ksclarke33
    Hi, can you tell me if your wraps are sold anywhere in the UK?
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    01/09/2017 - 21:25 , by Foxilady34
    Now the NHS have stopped perscriptions for Items for celiacs.Can we claim some form of Benefit to help to buy items of food as unemployed and the food is very expensive can't afford to buy especially the bread
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    01/02/2017 - 09:28 , by Carol.fox50
    Does Schar cream crackers contain gluten-free (codex) wheat starch? I am super-sensitive gluten intolerant & want to check. Thanks
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    12/30/2016 - 10:33 , by abby
    hi ,

    it is sad

    Schaer online site in UK : not offering all Schaer products !!!
    & not stocking well in winter !!!

    why i can't find most of Schaer products in UK Schaer online site ?

    you should provide all Schaer products in your site for UK
    & stock them good

    i can not find all my favorite Schaer products here

    & when i find one or two in this site , it is out of stock !!!

    you should stock up in winter
    it is cold " nothing will go bad "
    & Coeliac Patients can't find time or strength
    to look for Schaer products in all stores near them
    in most of the time it is out of stock
    it is very hard for celiac Patients to get good quality gluten free products like most of Schaer products

    & getting gluten dust inhaling from the stores & near bakeries When we looking for gluten free food

    then getting sick just from searching gluten free food

    so ordering online with most of us , if not all of us
    the only way to get gluten free food without getting sick from gluten dust inhaling.

    just Avoid stocking in summer if you don't have cooled warehouse & shipping vehicle.
    keep in mind tourism is UK in summer is very big
    but heat will make gluten free food go bad or change the taste

    thank you for your effort to make this site better
    & offer schaer products to all Coeliac Patients
    but we need more

    I hope to see the website thrives
    Because currently it is Acceptable but not good
    And does not reach the level of Schaer company
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    12/29/2016 - 11:48 , by Fiona Cameron
    Are you going to produce the twice baked little french bread/crisbreads in UK?
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