Kids alone on a gluten free trip

Kids alone on a gluten free trip

School trips, language courses, summer camps – at some point the time will come when your child goes on their first holiday alone.

If the experience has been well prepared then it will create self confidence and help your child to grow as a person. This is all the more true for children with coeliac condition. Good advanced planning is therefore essential if you want to ensure that your child enjoys the trip as much as possible. Schär has put together the ten most important tips for you here:

10 gluten-free tips for kids travelling alone

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  • Agree on meals and food supplies with the child and write a list
  • Get in touch with the trip organiser, trip supervisors and the places where they are staying
  • Write a clear list (what is permitted/prohibited, important phone numbers etc.)
  • Pack the rough amount of food needed in a separate bag, if possible in packets for each day
  • Find the nearest sales outlet for gluten free food online
  • If the child is away for a long time then write shopping lists
  • Look for restaurants, pizzerias and ice cream parlours at the destination that offer gluten free food
  • Give them cards with requests to the kitchen staff to take with them (see above under “Gluten free travel made easy”)
  • Pack enough snacks and treats for when they get peckish between meals, and think about their friends when doing so – children like to share
  • Important: Do not give them any bread to heat up because there is a risk of contamination.