Eat something healthy and delicious

Eat something healthy and delicious

Children are continually growing and always on the go. They therefore need a great deal of energy and nutrients.

However, food isn't always the top priority for children and it therefore has to have something fun about it and also taste great. This is even more relevant when you're talking about gluten free food. It sounds complicated, but is actually really simple…

The basis of a balanced diet is the successful combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water and fibre, split between three main meals and two snacks. Here you can see here exactly how a day without gluten can be for your child.


Pasta gives you energy

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The most important components of every meal are gluten free energy sources, such as gluten free bread or gluten free pasta. They are rich in carbohydrates and starches, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Fruit and vegetables or pulses should constitute a part of every meal. They provide many vitamins (important for physical and neurological development), minerals, trace elements, water and fibre. During the course of one day, at least one litre of liquid is needed to distribute the necessary water and minerals throughout the body and cells. Ideally, this would be water and unsweetened herbal or fruit teas.


Dairy products for growth

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Milk, dairy products, eggs, fish, low-fat meat and meat products (such as ham and sausage) supplement the staple foods and supply the body with high-quality protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Dairy products are our best natural suppliers of calcium and are important for growing children.

Get imaginative at mealtimes

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Vegetables can be easily concealed in cream-of-vegetable soups, delicious vegetable sauces for pasta or in risottos and hamburgers. Eggs, salad and raw vegetables can be used to conjure up funny faces or comical animals on the plate. Arrange fruit in bite-sized pieces in a colourful bowl or make colourful fruit skewers.

Everything in moderation

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There are no such things as healthy or unhealthy foods, it is all about eating the right quantity. Children have a sweet tooth and should be allowed to enjoy gluten free sweets and snacks in small quantities. Important: don't forget to make them brush their teeth afterwards!

Eating takes time!

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It is not only what your children eat that's important, but also how they eat it. This shouldn't be an improvised breakfast in passing, and there should be no topsy turvy lunch and dinner in front of the television, rather a nicely laid table and sufficient time!