99 reasons why Schär is no. 1

99 reasons why Schär is no. 1

At Schär we’re dedicated to making not just your meal times more enjoyable but your gluten-free life easier.

That’s why we offer a wide range of recipes, meal plans, advice from our dietitians, an app and website to help you find gluten-free outlets worldwide and much more...

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1. Anton Schär pioneered the business developing gluten-free food for children with dietetic requirements
2. We have a panel of tasters - their job is to eat all day, oops we mean make sure the recipes are as delicious as possible
3. We work closely with farmers who grow gluten-free grains just for us
4. We have hundreds of products... No seriously
5. We have hundreds of recipes... No seriously
6. To keep up to date with all of them join our Schär club
7. Customers are at the heart of everything we do
8. We broke the Guinness record for world’s largest pizza
9. We are a family run business
10. Safety and ensuring our #gf food stays #gf is of upmost importance
11. Our US colleagues have made a Gluten Free video to demonstrate the above.


12. We have a team of experts on hand to your handle your tricky queries 13. Our friendly careline is on hand Monday-Friday 10am-5pm on; 0800 161 5838
14. They love to chat so we've made it a freephone
15. Hot off the press - we are the first company to develop a #gf milk chocolate, caramel filled biscuit, named Chocolix
16. Unlike other gluten free loaves our breads do not contain preservatives to maintain their freshness
17. We are committed to supporting updates in research, read an interview with Professor David Sanders, a specialist in gluten sensitivity
18. We have developed a recipe for low in fat fish and chips!
19. We aim to come back to all of your queries within 48 hours
20. New members that sign up to receive our updates online receive a £2 coupon
21. We know how important it is to keep kids entertained which is why we give out FREE balloons at the allergy show
22. We know how important it is to keep adults entertained which is why we list gluten free alcohol on our website

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23. Our ciabatta rolls are the no.1 #gf rolls 24. We have had a product commended in the free from food awards for the past 5 years
25. Our crispbreads are under 30 calories each
26. The Schär team love their jobs - see point 2 re: eating products all day
27. Our photo shoots can sometimes feature really cute dogs (scroll down to see Rexington the French Bulldog)
28. Our gluten free chef Gill made it her mission to make a sweet recipe out of the award winning Yorkshire puddings
29. Thanks to Gill we now make and regularly eat #gf #wf profiteroles from our award winning Yorkshire puddings
30. We know our customers love a glossy mag which is why we send out magazines packed with #gf news, reviews and tips
31. We would love our products to be available everywhere to allow choice and convenience for our customers. In the meantime we have an online shop where you can bank 15% of your order if you create an account
32. Our pastry was on eastenders
33. Our customers give us great feedback
34. We don't bribe them honest - visit our Facebook page to take part in all our free giveaways
35. Our product developers work round the clock to create new recipes

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36. But we don't just focus on the new foods. The guys make sure our existing recipes are up to scratch
37. It's a wonder how we still time have to sit round the table and make a no.1 out of our food
38. We want our customers to get most out of life, which is why when they said eating out #gf was difficult we created glutenfreeroads.com
39. When they said going on holiday was difficult we created gluten free holidays.com
40. Have we mentioned safety is important to us? Hence why all our bakers wear hair nets.
41. Producing great tasting #gf food is our bread and butter, whilst weight loss is not on our agenda it might be handy to know our breads are lower in sat fat than other leading brands
42. All of our products adhere to the FSA salt guidelines, even the lightly SALTED rice cakes
43. Our German colleagues have made an exciting TV ad, coming soon to our website!
44. We love to meet our customers face to face which is why we try to attend as many events as possible
45. We are committed to a number of charities and like to get as hands on as much as possible (Race For Life, Macmillan's Coffee Morning and Operation Christmas Child to name a few!)
46. To ensure our gluten free chefs are well versed in baking we force - we mean encourage them - to make mini o brownies as much as possible

47. We want our customers to be kept up to date which is why we share all the latest #gf news and articles
48. We want to put the foods you love back on your table, some of your favourites include the Quiche Lorraine, Sausage Rolls and Apple Crumble
49. Our bourbons pass the dunk test
50. We make sure our technology is up to date; hence the new app version of gluten free roads
51. We recognise not everyone likes new technology so if you prefer updates by post that's fine too
52. Our customers were as devastated as us  when  a certain pizza was discontinued from a certain supermarket
53. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we were delighted to announce when that certain pizza became available again #bringbackbonta
54.    We know how irritating it can be when bread goes out of date. Which is why our loaves are packaged in state of the art foil to allow a longer shelf life. Without preservatives!
55.    To help you avoid eating a whole pack of biscuits we portion pack most of them. If only that stopped Stacey in customer services....
56.    A lot of our customers are lactose free which is why our new packaging declares this on pack where applicable
57. We are available worldwide so lookout for us on holiday
58. We have a sister brand, Glutafin, whose products are just as delicious and available to order in the pharmacy.
59. Our products are tested for gluten at every step of the supply chain but Karen likes to complete a final test in our office lab.

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60. Our roots are in Italy which is why we have so much passion for food (especially pizza!)
61. We like to bring people a taste of Italy which is why our Bontà d’Italia range is made with authentic Italian ingredients
62. Our Wholesome loaves are baked using an authentic sourdough recipe so that it is easily digestible
63. Other ingredients include ancient grains like millet and quinoa to create a tasty nutritious loaf
64. Your opinions matter to us, which is why we invite our customers in for taste panels before we launch new products
65. We like to cater for every meal occasion, explore our entire range online
66. No cuppa is complete without a biscuit, hence our British classics range of tea-time biscuits
67. Our customers tell us one of their biggest problems is eating out gluten-free, which is why we work closely with restaurants and caterers to provide them with gluten-free food and preparation guidance so you can eat out safely
68. We know most of our customers are clued up in all things gluten-free, but if they need any extra help, or you’re new to the diet, we have a helpful booklet we can send out for absolutely for free
69. The Schär team includes the lovely Katie and Mel, our in-house dietitians with years of experience. Drop them a line with any queries 
70. Our customers love to come to events, we wouldn’t want you to miss any, which is we have a calender on our website

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71. We break the rules of not working with children or animals.
72. Hot Off the Press – we are the first company to launch a #gf Cream Cracker
73. We know our customers lead busy lives, which is why our new Italian ready meals can be made in just 6 minutes
74. We have factories all over the world
75. Recipes should be quick and easy to follow which is why we created this quick recipe for smoked salmon and asparagus tart
76. If we're missing a recipe you need, our gluten free chefs will try and whip you one up
77. We will test it first to make sure it’s delicious
78. A lot of our customers love our continental range ..so we will be putting some of your favoruites on our online shop soon.
79. Our Rice Cakes are just 26 calories each
80. We have a handy product guide which lists all of our products and where to buy them from
81. We made our award winning Margherita Pizza so even more people can enjoy it
82. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we all lead busy lifestyles – which is why we’ve created the quick and easy Breakfast Bakes to keep you motivated all morning
83. We think they go great with smoothies, so we’ve made this equally quick and easy recipe
84. There are some comments in the media that gluten-free foods are higher in fat and sugar, well in-fact we benchmark all of our product’s nutritional profiles against the gluten containing equivalent
85. We like our products to be authentic, which is why our Yorkshire Puddings are made in Yorkshire

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86. We know sometimes it’s hard to find freezer space, so we’ve made the box a little smaller ;)
87. We work hard to produce the foods that you miss – first port of call is to review all of your suggestions you send to us first. If you have any share them with us.
88. We support Coeliac UK, and Coeliac Society of Ireland. The charities who make it their mission to support those on a gluten-free diet.
89. We highly recommend their food and drink directories, they list all the products suitable for people with coeliac disease, sign up with them today online.
90. Parlez vous francais? No us neither, which is why you can download restaurant cards in a variety of languages from glutenfreeroads.com
91. Our ciabatta rolls taste delicious crusted in the oven, but for added convenience we’ve baked them so you can eat them straight from the pack too
92. We’re sending all of our customers a Happy New Year card, contact us to make sure you’re on our list
93. We love to hear from you too, which is why we pin a lot your letters and emails on our notice boards
94.The most common query is where to buy our foods: to save you a wasted journey to the shops we have a postcode finder on our website
95. We celebrate #chocolatefingerfriday!
96. We love to make you smile which is why we share blogs like this!
97. Blogger gluten-free cuppa tea also developed this delicious recipe for Banoffee Pie with dairy free coconut caramel – mmmm, hunger pangs guaranteed!
98. To help you get started on a gluten-free diet we’ve developed a gluten-free meal plan.
99. There’s 99 reasons why we’re No.1, what’s your favourite? And we’ll make it the last one.