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By Boštjan Rajh
Monday, November 19, 2018 - 09:53

otherwise I use your gluten-free flour but I'm interested in which countries the raw materials for flour come from?

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3 weeks 1 day ago
English, USA

At Dr. Schär, quality begins with the meticulous selection of raw materials. In order to answer your question, we would like to let you know about our controlled cultivation and about our quality controls.
When we refer to controlled cultivation of our raw materials, we mean that on the one hand, we use different geographical areas for cultivation. We are therefore active in various climactic regions in order to minimise the weather-related risk and guarantee the availability of the required volumes at all times.
At the same time, ongoing rigorous quality controls are conducted in order to guarantee standards such as cultivar purity and freedom from contamination (gluten, allergens) and guarantee the traceability from the grain to the flour at any point in time.
To this end, the choice of farmers and mills with whom Dr. Schär cooperates is crucial. Contractual farmers cultivate our high-quality gluten-free raw materials in accordance with clearly defined and stringent cultivation guidelines. We know our farmers by name and are in ongoing contact with them. We visit and advise them. The direct contact with the producers of our cereals and pseudocereals is part of our Credo. This is the only way for us to guarantee their origin.

We procure our raw materials from the following countries:
Oats: Northern Europe
Millet: Italy and Austria
Rice: Italy
Sorghum: Italy
Maize: Italy and Austria
Soya: We procure soya-protein powder and products manufactured from this powder from non-EU countries.
Buckwheat: Dr. Schär is endeavouring to establish controlled cultivation of buckwheat in European countries such as Poland and Lithuania.

As part of stringent quality controls, analyses are performed for each individual raw material that define the safety regulations, nutritional value and technical preconditions of the raw materials.
This principle applies for all Dr. Schär production sites and is regularly updated. After all, using strict controls is the only way for us to guarantee the safety and quality of our products – and that is top priority for us.