My son has Celiac Disease and our local shops dont have a nice selection of GF products, can i purchase directly from Schar?

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Thursday, 9. May 2019 - 05:52
My 11-month-old son has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and i have visited most of the shops in our town but there is really not a huge selection of GF foods for both myself and my son. I am still breastfeeding so ive been advised to cut out gluten foods also. My sons body has not been able to absorb what it needs to and has not been able to gain weight since he was 7 months old because of CD. We have him on a diet plan from our dietician however, I would like to give him more food options. My baking absolutely sucks. But i keep trying but until i get the baking bit waxed i need to find foods to buy. Please let me know if i can buy directly from Schar?