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Hop, hop - Choco-Pop!

With this magic spell, kids hop out of bed all by themselves in the mornings!

When milly-magical chocolate balls hop into your cereal bowl, it is truly an easy leap into the new day. Fibres and yummy cocoa - probably the best breakfast combination for all adventurers, big and small. Hop, hop - Choco-Pop! Time to go!

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    Characteristics of product

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maize semolina , sugar , cocoa powder 8% , iodised salt . LACTOSE FREE (lactose<0.007g/100g) .

Analysis per 100 g

Energy Value
1601 / 378 kj/kcal
2.5 g
Of Which Saturates
1.6 g
78 g
Of Which Sugars
21 g
4.9 g
8.4 g
0.75 g
Weight: 250 g