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Test or improve your eating habits!

In the media there are comments that gluten-free foods are typically higher in sugar and fat than their gluten containing equivalents. Well, with our range that’s simply not true! All of our recipes have been lovingly crafted to replicate the nutritionals of the foods that you miss. To make sure you’re up to date with what makes up a healthy balanced diet take our nutritional quiz below and test your knowledge!

Dear Schär Club member.
Thank you for deciding upon Schär and for having completed the questionnaire  Your eating habits are partially correct, but could be improved with a little additional information and good intentions. If you follow the advice of our experts, you will notice how tasty and varied gluten-free nutrition can be. And everything will become more simple!

Dear Schär Club member.
Thank you for deciding upon Schär and for having completed the questionnaire. Your eating habits are fundamentally correct. Do continue that way! Please remember to maintain a varied daily diet and to exercise regularly. Start every day with a proper breakfast and do not make the mistake of leaving this out. The daily menu plan should include breakfast, and two main meals (midday and evening), as well as additional light meals in between to cover your energy requirements. If you start your meals with a portion of vegetables, the initial feeling of hunger will abate, as will consequently the calorie consumption. Eat three portions of fruit and two portions of vegetables daily and do not overdo your intake of sugar, salt, sweets and fat. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily. In this way, you will stay fit, be in the best possible state of health and be equipped for all challenges.

Thank you for participating