Palm oil and its use in Schär products

Palm oil and its use in Schär products

Palm oil is widely used in food industry, especially in baked, because of its favorable characteristics, such as:

  • performance;
  • neutral flavour;
  • oxidation resistance.

The demand for vegetable oils and fats is increasing throughout the world. Since oil palms are particularly productive compared to other oily plants, palm oil will continue to be an important raw material, despite the intense criticism for its  high saturated fat content, the damaging compounds it may contain if not properly processed, and the environmental and social problems uncontrolled cultivation practices are generating.

Certified organic palm oil and recipes without palm oil


Dr. Schär uses palm oil and its derivatives mainly in cakes and biscuits.

Our aim is to guarantee a transparent production chain and a sustainable purchasing strategy for all our ingredients, a principle which also applies to palm oil and its derivatives.

To fulfill this, we have taken this actions:

  1. we established a long-term partnership with Daabon, a family-owned business based in Colombia which supplies RSPO-IP -(Roundtable for Sustainable Palmoil Identity Preserved)certified organic palm oil, allowing us to reduce the negative environmental and social impact of the palm oil industry.
  2. We are looking for good alternatives for palm oil, which can replace its technological and sensory advantages, Most of our new products are being designed to reduce the use of palm oil. The changes implemented, for instance in some of the favorites foods, such as Frollini, Hoops, the Oat Biscuits and the Grissini, show that a change is possible keeping the used quality and taste. We strive for even more changes. 

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