Italian pizza with best ingredients

Italian pizza with best ingredients

"Combine perfect dough, best ingredients and cooking on a stone stove and you will get real pizza", says Paolo Pangia, a pizza maker from Naples.

Dough and its secrets
Everything depends on the pizza dough. It’s during the processing stage that the high-quality ingredients develop their fine flavour. The secret lies in the processing of the dough. Every bit of it must be perfectly kneaded and then it has to rest for the required time. The result is a soft and easily-digestible dough ready to be coated with its topping.

Every pizza base needs ingredients on top

The magic of baking
We finish our pizzas in a stone oven at a high temperature for constant, even baking. This way we ensure the pizza is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. When it emerges, it has that very special, appetising look of a pizza made by the masters.

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